10 Best Premium Quality Free WordPress Themes 2011

hang-loose2I have been slamming the web with WordPress blogs, using free WordPress themes. I simply love them. After a lot (and I mean a lot) of trial and error, I settled on these free themes for my blogs. I didn’t just slap together a list- all of these free WordPress Themes are actually being used on my websites (including this one). So I can honestly say these are absolutely the best premium quality free WordPress themes out there, in my opinion.

I’ll show you all of them, but not necessarily in order of best to last. Every demo that you click on will lead to an actual website made with a free WordPress theme. I wanted to make a list of ten best, so I’ll add more later, but so far I only have seven themes that really qualify as premium quality, free WordPress themes.

1. Corponisa – Premium Quality Free WordPress Theme by HPA

Demo: I used to use this theme at KenSkaggs.com. It is a very easy theme to work with, loaded with options. It has a featured slider-post widget, but I didn’t use it. What I love is it’s huge. Nowadays a lot of people have huge monitors that will display a huge page like this. You can pack a ton of content right on top. And those green hover-thingy’s on the navigation are the coolest. Unfortunately, the designer’s website (WPJunction) is down. But You can download it right here.

2. Colorbold – Premium Quality Free WordPress Theme by Site5

My favorite Premium Quality Free WordPress Theme maker/designer has got to be Site5. I use a few of their fabulous designs on my websites, and their support is outstanding. They are top-notch in every respect.

Note: When installing Colorbold, or any Site5 theme, first unzip the file, then find the folder that contains the theme and zip the theme only back into a zip file without the plugins.

Here’s a live demo at DirectSite.net. Download it at Site5.

3. AllTuts – Another Premium Quality Free WordPress Theme by Site5.com

Again, Site5. View a live demo at ToughDrive.net. Download AllTuts at Site5.

4. Elegant Tonight Premium Quality Free WordPress Theme by DXBSEO.com

This is a very sleek design and easy to tweak. preview a demo at DrivenAutos.com. Download the Free WordPress theme here.

5. Chronicle1. by jinsona designs

I looked so hard, for months, at every so-called magazine/news style theme before I found Chronicle. Finally, a professional looking news theme. This is another one of those themes that come with more files (plugins, readme) than just the theme- so you’ll have to unzip it, then find the theme folder and zip that one up before you upload it. But it’s well worth it. Truly a premium quality WordPress theme for free.

See a demo of it at Driver Story Magazine. Download the Chronicle WordPress theme at Web2feel.com.

6. Global News 1.0 by InstantShift

Another great them I had a tough time finding. I wanted a pure newspaper look for one of my sites. I struggled with trying to clone LATimes or WSJ, but that would have been nearly impossible. Then I found this premium quality free WordPress theme.

See a live preview at We Lawyers. Download the free theme at InstantShift. (The download link is hiding about halfway down their page.)

7. Magazine Basic 2.6.12 by c.bavota

This is probably the one theme with the most versatility. It does just about everything and does it easily. Another true premium quality free WordPress theme.

See a live demo at Big City Driver. Download the theme here.

8. Coming Soon

Customizr Theme:My newest favorite WordPress theme. See demo at CustomizeWordpress.com.

One thought on “10 Best Premium Quality Free WordPress Themes 2011

  1. Justin

    Great post. I’m not a huge fan of these templates however. I guess for me, I love templates that don’t really look like WordPress templates. A lot of these look very similar to other blog themes. But if you’re looking for good templates for your blog, this is perfect!


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