Free Web Templates- Basic HTML Layout Made with Tables

It seems a lot of webmasters don’t like to use tables. They think it’s old-fashioned. But to me, it’s simple, and every browser these days reads them properly. One of the top websites in the world uses simple HTML tables (DrudgeReport), and it hasn’t affected his popularity. Besides, isn’t simple better than complicated? Anyway, whether you use it or not, it sure is easy! And did I mention this template loads super fast?

Basic HTML tables load quickly too. They are just all-around easy, good-looking and dare I say, cool.

Here’s another variation of that, except this one has no table borders, and no background colors. Plus, there is no CSS file. It’s a simple web page in the simplest way. In other words- no web page will load faster than this one below.

3-column web template made with tables

You are welcome to use this layout on any site you want to. All I ask is that you link back to us in the footer.

To save this web template to your computer, just open the file by clicking on the image above. Then, got FILE, SAVE PAGE AS, and save it in your favorite folder. Be sure to save it as a HTML web page.

If you like simple web templates, take a look at these free landing pages from

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