Free Sales Page Landing Page- Blank Piece of Paper

I often use this kind of web template for a sales page or landing page. It looks like a blank piece of paper. As you add more content, it stretches and gets longer to accommodate it. It loads super fast because there is not much to it. And it looks great. It’s completely free. All we ask is you leave our link in the footer.

All you have to do is, open the free landing page, save as complete web page, and do what you will.

If you like old-school simple web templates, take a look at these free landing pages from Or, you can always forget about HTML code and do a Customize WordPress website.

2 thoughts on “Free Sales Page Landing Page- Blank Piece of Paper

  1. Olav


    Just what I needed for my salespage project :-)


    1. Layout Site Post author

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Glad to help.


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