Simple & Super Fast 3-Column Free Web Template: CSS, HTML, Fluid, Liquid

simple fast fluid web templateHere is a super-fast template you can use. This template is old-school. It just doesn’t get any faster. Even a Windows 95 computer can open this page in about one second. It is fluid, or liquid, meaning it can adjust to any screen size. It is compatible with all browsers including iPhone and iPod Touch. There is not a lot of code, so it loads as fast as anything you’ve ever seen. And yet, it has a nice sleek look to it. I highly recommend this one for your next project.

As you may know, I only offer simple, fast, free web templates here on And this one fits that description to a T.

View the demo here.

You can download it right here- Fluid 3-column free web template.

There is only one unobtrusive link in the footer. You can change the wording if you like, but the link must remain intact.

2 thoughts on “Simple & Super Fast 3-Column Free Web Template: CSS, HTML, Fluid, Liquid

  1. beemer

    hi there.
    i really like this simple layout. i do like pics so i have put one into the center column 640 wider and 420 high.
    now when the window is cropped too small the picture just disappears on the left side and no scrolling bar shows up.
    how can one avoid this without making the picture less pix wide?

    1. Layout Site Post author

      Once it goes below the pic size it will make the pic disappear. The only solution is to make the pic smaller. Or you could change the values from percentage to pixels. But still, no matter what, I think it is a lot easier just to make the picture smaller.


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