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JQuery Responsive Colorful Free Web Template 2015

free responsive html template 2015Here is a nice new template that uses JQuery and has a simple layout, yet a colorful, attractive look to it. It utilizes an awesome JQuery effect when you scroll down. This template can easily accommodate a lot of information. This free HTML/CSS template is very responsive and looks great on any device, including the smallest mobile phones. You can test it for mobile-friendliness by opening the template demo, then copy-and-paste that URL into the browser at this site- MobileTest.me.

This first image is a picture of the top of the page, and the next image is a picture of the bottom of the page.
It almost looks like two different pages. And that’s the point! Take a closer look here. It has some nice effects when you scroll down, as it reveals the next colorful part of the page, and then the next. It has a very modern look too. When I say colorful, don’t let that scare you. These colors are very soft on the eyes, yet very nice and just pleasant.
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