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JQuery Responsive Colorful Free Web Template 2015

free responsive html template 2015Here is a nice new template that uses JQuery and has a simple layout, yet a colorful, attractive look to it. It utilizes an awesome JQuery effect when you scroll down. This template can easily accommodate a lot of information. This free HTML/CSS template is very responsive and looks great on any device, including the smallest mobile phones. You can test it for mobile-friendliness by opening the template demo, then copy-and-paste that URL into the browser at this site- MobileTest.me.

This first image is a picture of the top of the page, and the next image is a picture of the bottom of the page.
It almost looks like two different pages. And that’s the point! Take a closer look here. It has some nice effects when you scroll down, as it reveals the next colorful part of the page, and then the next. It has a very modern look too. When I say colorful, don’t let that scare you. These colors are very soft on the eyes, yet very nice and just pleasant.
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Newspaper-Style Free Web Template: CSS HTML Fluid & Fast

newspaper style free web templateI just love this newspaper template. It’s really fast when it loads, and it doesn’t have a lot of code. It is also fluid, or liquid, which means it looks good at a lot of different sizes. So, if someone has a huge monitor screen, or a very tiny one, it will look great, and still look like a newspaper. It works on all browsers, even iphone, Blackberry, and ipad. I’ve used it on websites, and even for a personal gift. (I made a birthday newpaper for a dear friend.) Take a look. Continue reading

Simple & Super Fast 3-Column Free Web Template: CSS, HTML, Fluid, Liquid

simple fast fluid web templateHere is a super-fast template you can use. This template is old-school. It just doesn’t get any faster. Even a Windows 95 computer can open this page in about one second. It is fluid, or liquid, meaning it can adjust to any screen size. It is compatible with all browsers including iPhone and iPod Touch. There is not a lot of code, so it loads as fast as anything you’ve ever seen. And yet, it has a nice sleek look to it. I highly recommend this one for your next project. Continue reading

Free Sales Page Landing Page- Blank Piece of Paper

I often use this kind of web template for a sales page or landing page. It looks like a blank piece of paper. As you add more content, it stretches and gets longer to accommodate it. It loads super fast because there is not much to it. And it looks great. It’s completely free. All we ask is you leave our link in the footer. Continue reading